Engineering & Architectural Services


Engineering and Architectural Services

AWA Business Corporation

In today’s modern world, clients need to have access to the engineering and architectural services they need. There are many facets to construction and planning, so it is beneficial to have one company oversee these different demands.

AWA Business Corporation specializes in providing Engineering and Architectural services to our clients. We focus on providing efficient, effective services for government and defense contractors. Our dedicated team of subcontractors and workers is here to help our clients bring their projects to life.

About Our Engineering and Architectural Services

It can be hectic for project owners to keep up with seperate engineering and architectural firms. When working with two different firms, it is easy for issues to occur on the job, such as poor communication between contractors, litigation issues, and more.

To prevent such issues, we recommend working with a contractor that specializes in engineering and architectural services. Thankfully, AWA Business Corporation can provide these essential services for clients, meeting deadlines while avoiding litigation.

Our professional team can provide engineering and architectural services for our clients. We understand that both engineering and architecture are essential when designing and building a project. We want our clients’ projects to complete on time, which is why we offer both of these essential services.

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Services We Provide

AWA Business Corporation

Here are some of the engineering and architectural services we provide:

  • HVAC design
  • Plumbing
  • IT infrastructure
  • Electricity
  • Fire alarm and safety
  • Building assessment
  • Building design

These services rely on one another, as they are each essential to the building’s overall function. Many of these components ensure the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants, so it is essential to have a knowledgeable team implementing these various components.

Here is a brief rundown of the services we offer:

HVAC Design

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition (HVAC) is an essential part of any project. These systems ensure that occupants and visitors are comfortable, providing proper air and ventilation services to the entire building.

HVAC is significant in defense contracting. Many of the jobs we’ve taken require a diligent HVAC engineering team to ensure all of the proper elements are in place. In residential or hospital projects, these services are more than just necessary; they are essential to the health of the residents.


Plumbing is a service that many people overlook, as most of the work goes on behind the building’s walls. Construction contractors, however, know to pay special attention to plumbing design and implementation.

At AWA Business Corporation, clients can expect quality plumbing services and installation on all of our builds.

Our diligent team works directly with plumbing subcontractors to ensure that a project’s plumbing runs seamlessly throughout the building.

IT Infrastructure

Nowadays, especially, IT infrastructure is critical in building construction and design. A construction service must proceed with these systems in mind if a building needs wireless internet or other communications services.

AWA Business Corporation’s knowledgeable construction specialists can help engineer the best IT infrastructure for any project. We work diligently with our clients to ensure that their IT system is both functional and within budget.


Electrical wiring is a significant component of construction engineering. Electrical engineers must put wiring in place before interior construction continues, as many components run underneath or between these areas.

Proper planning and a diligent team can help put these systems in place, allowing a building to function seamlessly. Electricity fuels many buildings, providing clients and visitors with the power to perform their daily tasks.

A diligent engineering and architectural service can assist clients in need of electrical wiring for their construction project. Our dedicated construction specialists can provide these resources for our clients, saving time and staying within the deadline.

Fire Alarm and Safety

Fire alarms and safety measures are vital in building design and construction planning. For a building to meet fire codes and safety regulations, fire safety and detection measures should be implemented in a new project.

These measures help keep visitors and workers safe, ensuring that they stay safe in an emergency. Our construction specialists ensure client safety while providing them with comprehensive coverage of their projects.

Building Assessment

When redesigning or renovating a project, our architectural engineers will evaluate the project site. This process involves the team walking around the premises, observing or making a note of any changes they see fit for the future project.

This part of the construction is essential because it allows the team to discuss project scope, all while seeing the aspects of the construction that need to be changed.

A building assessment can give contractors and the client a good idea of where to start the project. It is an essential step for developing the blueprint and overall construction plan. AWA Business Corporation has a lot of experience with building assessments; our contractors will assess the building, making notes, and discussing plans with clients in the process.

Building Design

A blueprint brings architectural and engineering concerns together into one comprehensive document. It is the proof of concept that contractors show to a client before starting any work. For a building to receive all of the engineering services it needs to function, it needs to have an extensive, practical blueprint.

The team at AWA Business Corporation can help provide this service to clients. Our team will provide clients with an accurate, comprehensive plan for future construction. This design phase allows the client to make any changes to the building plan while allowing subcontractors to meet and discuss the various components involved in the construction.

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    Engineering and Architectural Services with AWA Business Corporation

    AWA Business Corporation

    We have been providing comprehensive construction services to the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies since 1996. At AWA Business Corporation, we focus on quality and efficiency. Our clients work hard, which is why we promise to do the same at any job.

    For 24 years, we have overseen hundreds of projects for government contractors and agencies. We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but have taken on projects across the United States. Our work ethic and experience set us apart from our competition.

    Our team would be happy to discuss project needs and engineering and architectural services with your team. We are available via email or over the phone at 513-616-1412. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.


    AWA Business Corporation

    Overall Rating : Above Average, Awa performed above average in all areas of the project including Timely Performance, Compliance
    with Labor Standards, and excelled in Quality Control and Effectiveness of Management. This project was designed and constructed in 11 months although with it’s complexity should have taken 18 months. The team of Awa, subcontractors and the USACE consistently
    pulled together under the leadership of Awa. The user is extremely satisfied with the end result.

    Repair/Renovate Bldg. E3428 for ARSOAC HQ, Ft. Bragg, NC

    The building is the “jewel” of the guard. The overall quality of the project was exceptional for our intended purpose. Awa’s project management was very good and their utilization of Small Business was exceptional. I would recommend the for similar requirements in the future. We have testimonial from Ft Leonard wood on the Barrack construction.

    Alter Operations Facility, Springfield Air National Guard

    The Air Force was satisfied with all areas of project performance including Schedule, Cost Control, Management, Small Business Subcontracting, and Regulatory Compliance. We would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

    Wright Patterson Air Force Base SABER

    Awa performed this project with Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. Management and Warranty efforts were very good. Awa went beyond requirements to hire small business local subcontractors. USACE recommend Awa for similar requirements in the future.

    Training Barracks Upgrade Program for Fiscal Year 2012 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO

    Awa delivered Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. The quality of the completed work was very good and has received Excellent reviews from the customer, end user and Fort Knox Garrison. This project achieved LEED Silver certification. Awa worked in several situations to partner and mitigate delays. On site management was always cordial, professional, and pushed to get the required work completed. USACE would recommend Awa for similar requirements.

    Kingsolver/Pierce School at Fort Knox, KY