Building Maintenance Contracting


Building Maintenance Contracting

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Keeping a building looking nice is just as important as the building process. AWA Business Corporation understands just how important it is for a property to undergo regular maintenance.

We offer comprehensive building maintenance services to help business owners maintain their properties. Our skilled contractors and subcontractors can help any property continue to function, even after construction has ended.

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What is a Building Maintenance Contractor?

AWA Business Corporation

Building maintenance contractors take over once the construction and designing have ended. Unfortunately, many property owners neglect this step, which results in properties declining over time.

Maintenance is an essential aspect of any property’s appearance. Regular, consistent maintenance can keep a location looking refined, all while allowing it to function best.

AWA Business Corporation understands this idea, which is why we strive to bring quality building maintenance contracting and subcontracting opportunities to any location.

Building maintenance contracting includes a variety of different job types and skill sets. However, it takes an extensive team of skilled workers to maintain any building or property properly.
Here are just a handful of the different types of jobs involved in building maintenance contracting:

  • Landscape management
  • Janitorial duties
  • Maintenance technician
  • Maintenance supervisor

We’ve broken some of these jobs down below:

Landscape Management

Responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the outdoor areas. This type of maintenance includes lawn care, shrub trimming, re-sodding, fertilizing, and other outdoor services. The landscape management team’s job is to ensure that all outdoor areas of the business are well-maintained.

Janitorial Duties

Janitors are an essential part of the building’s indoor and outdoor appearance. They help clean and maintain the building, sometimes working both day and night to ensure the building remains intact.

These contractors usually vacuum, mop, clean windows, and even water indoor plants. They are also responsible for cleaning up any spills in various parts of the building.

Maintenance Technician

If an appliance or system in the building fails, it’s the maintenance technician’s job to fix the issue. These contractors are responsible for fixing the various systems that power a building, such as water, gas, HVAC, and electrical systems.

Maintenance Supervisors

These contractors are responsible for scheduling and deploying maintenance technicians for a daily workload of jobs and tasks. These workers are vital, as they resolve all issues in a timely, professional manner.

Unfortunately, their work usually remains unseen since they are in charge of scheduling and other internal processes, but their role on the team should not be understated.

Duties of a Building Maintenance Contractor

Building maintenance contracting services can help keep extensive facilities, such as hospital wings and apartment complexes, up and running smoothly. However, these contractors usually work behind the scenes, so many people are surprised to find out how much they contribute to a facility.

Building maintenance contractors ensure that a building continues to function well after construction ends. While the construction contractors are responsible for building the project, the building maintenance team has to maintain it.
Here are just a few of the significant contributions of a building maintenance contractor:

  • Overseeing the landscape design of a building
  • Responding to work orders and help tickets
  • Working alongside building personnel to mitigate issues
  • Cleaning and disinfecting interior surfaces
  • Responding to spills and emergencies
  • Supporting staff and employees at the building
  • And more!

The building maintenance team’s scope of work encompasses a variety of different aspects of the location. These contractors ensure that a building continues to function, even after construction has wrapped up beforehand.

Why Hire a Building Maintenance Contractor?

Work doesn’t begin when a project finishes; it has only begun. Once construction is over, it must be maintained and serviced regularly to continue functioning.

Without service, a building could fall into disrepair, which can be costly to repair in the future. Therefore, it is more cost-effective for property owners to hire a building maintenance contractor instead of waiting for issues to arise.
A building maintenance contractor can:

  • Stay on top of building maintenance
  • Ensure that the property remains functional
  • Respond to service tickets
  • Repair poorly-functioning units
  • Keep the exterior and interior looking neat
  • And more!

Hiring a maintenance contractor can help a building look nice long after the construction ends. Maintenance is essential for allowing a building to continue to function well into the future.

Maintenance contractors ensure that all aspects of the building are looked after, allowing employees and clients to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

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    AWA Business Corporation

    AWA Business Corporation understands just how vital building maintenance is, which is why we work diligently with our contractors and subcontractors to ensure that the properties we build are well-maintained.

    In addition, we understand that it can be challenging for staff and employees to attend to maintenance and repair issues, which is why we offer our comprehensive building maintenance services to our clients.

    Our services allow employees to focus on their work, leaving the overall building maintenance to our maintenance experts.

    Building Maintenance Contracting with AWA Business Corporation

    We have been providing comprehensive construction services to the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies since 1996. At AWA Business Corporation, we focus on quality and efficiency. Our clients work hard, which is why we promise to do the same at any job.

    For 24 years, we have overseen hundreds of projects for government contractors and agencies. We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but have taken on projects across the United States. Our work ethic and experience set us apart from our competition.

    Our team would be happy to discuss project needs and building maintenance contracting services with your team. We are available via email or over the phone at 513-616-1412. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.


    AWA Business Corporation

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    with Labor Standards, and excelled in Quality Control and Effectiveness of Management. This project was designed and constructed in 11 months although with it’s complexity should have taken 18 months. The team of Awa, subcontractors and the USACE consistently
    pulled together under the leadership of Awa. The user is extremely satisfied with the end result.

    Repair/Renovate Bldg. E3428 for ARSOAC HQ, Ft. Bragg, NC

    The building is the “jewel” of the guard. The overall quality of the project was exceptional for our intended purpose. Awa’s project management was very good and their utilization of Small Business was exceptional. I would recommend the for similar requirements in the future. We have testimonial from Ft Leonard wood on the Barrack construction.

    Alter Operations Facility, Springfield Air National Guard

    The Air Force was satisfied with all areas of project performance including Schedule, Cost Control, Management, Small Business Subcontracting, and Regulatory Compliance. We would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

    Wright Patterson Air Force Base SABER

    Awa performed this project with Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. Management and Warranty efforts were very good. Awa went beyond requirements to hire small business local subcontractors. USACE recommend Awa for similar requirements in the future.

    Training Barracks Upgrade Program for Fiscal Year 2012 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO

    Awa delivered Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. The quality of the completed work was very good and has received Excellent reviews from the customer, end user and Fort Knox Garrison. This project achieved LEED Silver certification. Awa worked in several situations to partner and mitigate delays. On site management was always cordial, professional, and pushed to get the required work completed. USACE would recommend Awa for similar requirements.

    Kingsolver/Pierce School at Fort Knox, KY