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Our Business Associates

AWA Business Corporation

At AWA Business Corporation, we value our customers and colleagues, which is why our team works hard at every project in our portfolio. 

Over the years, our qualified team has provided clients with the quality construction services they need. We work with various trusted contractors and subcontractors to provide the best quality of work for our clients. 

We work closely with many local and national construction firms, which helps us complete projects and meet client needs. Our team is here to help clients with all of their construction needs, which is why we collaborate with our local community to ensure project completion.

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Our Business Associates

AWA Business Corporation

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with some of the following construction firms in our 25 years of service: 

  • S.M. Wilson and Co.
  • Saturn Electric Company
  • Mechanical Systems of Dayton Ohio. 
  • Desea Environmental Company
  • Megen Construction Company
  • True United Contractors
  • And more !

We’ve also worked with the following financial institutions:

  • Huntington Bank
  • US Bank
  • Central Bank of Kentucky

Over the years, our team has collaborated on projects with several government agencies and contractors, including:

  • United States Department of Defense
    • Army Corps of Engineers
    • United States Air Force
      • Ohio Air National Guard
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • And more!  

We are dedicated to providing excellent communication, transparency and drive results to our clients and colleagues. We work closely with firms and business partners as a result. 

At AWA Business Corporation, we have committed to providing customers with a high-quality construction job that lasts. 


Why We Work With Others

AWA Business Corporation’s team works closely with our community, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to communicate with construction contractors and subcontractors. These close, professional relationships help us get projects done in a timely, reliable manner.

Depending on our client’s needs, we can work with their subcontractors or hire our own. Our team is flexible, which allows us to meet our clients’ needs effectively and promptly. 

We understand that it can be challenging to manage a massive project, which our team can help. We specialize in practical project and construction management, which can help our clients focus on their work. 

When an owner hires AWA Business Corporation, they can expect quality service, driven results, and excellent collaboration. 

Our team works hard to meet and network with other contractors and specialists to adapt best to project needs and goals. We understand that factors constantly change in the construction world, so we commit ourselves to stay transparent with contractors. 

At AWA, Communication is Key

Throughout all of our projects, we have remained focused on providing effective communication to contractors and clients. We understand that it can be challenging to work with a contractor that refuses to communicate, which is why we strive to effectively and impactfully voice our concerns with our clients. 

AWA Business Corporation’s team of specialists can even work around other contractors or subcontractors. We understand that sometimes, contracts can fall through, which is highly stressful for a client to deal with on their own. 

For this reason, we commit ourselves to provide excellent customer care, as we work closely with owners and managers to ensure we meet deadlines. We also pick up where other contractors left off, allowing clients to relax and focus on their own goals. 

Working Closely With Our Local Community

As a minority-owned business, AWA Business Corporation knows how important it is to work closely with our community. For this reason, we commit ourselves to establish effective working relationships between our firm and other contractors. 

We know that client needs may vary, which is why we ensure that we have connections in the industry that can best bring their construction vision to life. 

At AWA Business Corporation, we need to give back to our local community and defense contractors. We strive to meet our deadlines and budget goals, which is why we work closely with other firms and contractors to meet our clients’ needs. 

We are proud to give back to our local and national community by helping improve infrastructure for our defense contractors and civil servants. Our close relationships with other contractors help bring our client’s visions to life, allowing us to work on more projects and help other clients in need. 

Construction Services with AWA Business Corporation

We have been providing quality construction services to the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies since 1996. At AWA Business Corporation, we focus on quality and efficiency. Our clients work hard, which is why we promise to do the same at any job. 

For 24 years, we have overseen hundreds of projects for government contractors and agencies. We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, but have taken on projects across the United States. Our work ethic and experience set us apart from our competition. 

Our team would be happy to discuss project needs and construction services with your team. We are available via email or over the phone at 513-616-1412. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

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