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AWA Business Corporation

With over 25 years in business and construction expertise, AWA Business Corporation provides our clients with quality construction services that meet their project needs.

Mr. Benjamin Nwankwo started AWA Business Corporation in 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began the company to give back to the public servants who help keep our country safe. As a minority-owned business, AWA Business Corporation strives to work closely with other Small Minority Enterprises to achieve their goals in the construction industry.

Our team works closely with other construction firms, which has helped us to forge lasting professional relationships. These professional relationships have helped us to grow and meet project goals. AWA Business Corporation is proud to collaborate with small businesses and other minority-owned businesses in our effort to improve our nation’s infrastructure.

AWA Business Corporation is minority-owned and a Small Business Enterprise. We are also certified by the Cincinnati Minority Supply Council.
Our team also has the following certifications:

  • MBE,
  • SBE,
  • DBE,
  • EDGE.

We work hard to deliver results to our clients, which is why we have established ourselves as a quality construction company.

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AWA Business Corporation


AWA Business Corporation

Overall Rating : Above Average, Awa performed above average in all areas of the project including Timely Performance, Compliance
with Labor Standards, and excelled in Quality Control and Effectiveness of Management. This project was designed and constructed in 11 months although with it’s complexity should have taken 18 months. The team of Awa, subcontractors and the USACE consistently
pulled together under the leadership of Awa. The user is extremely satisfied with the end result.

Repair/Renovate Bldg. E3428 for ARSOAC HQ, Ft. Bragg, NC

The building is the “jewel” of the guard. The overall quality of the project was exceptional for our intended purpose. Awa’s project management was very good and their utilization of Small Business was exceptional. I would recommend the for similar requirements in the future. We have testimonial from Ft Leonard wood on the Barrack construction.

Alter Operations Facility, Springfield Air National Guard

The Air Force was satisfied with all areas of project performance including Schedule, Cost Control, Management, Small Business Subcontracting, and Regulatory Compliance. We would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base SABER

Awa performed this project with Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. Management and Warranty efforts were very good. Awa went beyond requirements to hire small business local subcontractors. USACE recommend Awa for similar requirements in the future.

Training Barracks Upgrade Program for Fiscal Year 2012 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Awa delivered Exceptional Regulatory Compliance. The quality of the completed work was very good and has received Excellent reviews from the customer, end user and Fort Knox Garrison. This project achieved LEED Silver certification. Awa worked in several situations to partner and mitigate delays. On site management was always cordial, professional, and pushed to get the required work completed. USACE would recommend Awa for similar requirements.

Kingsolver/Pierce School at Fort Knox, KY

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